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Throughout the 1970s, Ty Page was known as the most innovative skateboarder in the world. Ty Page was a leader in the skateboard world during "the golden era" of skateboarding. He was a true professional with a genuine interest in promoting the sport in a positive manner. He is a member of the Thrasher Skateboard Hall of Fame.

"Mr. Incredible," as he was known, placed first in dozens of major skateboarding competitions and has been the holder of numerous surfing and skateboarding titles. He was known not only as a freestyler, but also as a capable skateracer, bowl rider, pool rider, and as a giant and straight slalom skater.

Ty's multi-faceted, rapid-fire technique and footwork were nothing short of incredible. After trying many times to photograph his footwork, SkateBoarder Magazine was forced to purchase a new $3,000 high-speed camera to catch him on film to publish in the August and September 1977 issues. He appeared on the cover of many national and international magazines and was frequently featured in skateboarding magazines and journals as well as Newsweek and Sports Illustrated.

Skateboard World June 1977Skateboard World June 1977Wild World of Skateboarding December 1977Wild World of Skateboarding July 1978 Skateboard Magazine France

In 1975, he placed second in the junior men’s freestyle division at the Del Mar Nationals. Ty took first place at the Santa Barbara Skateboard Championships with long nose wheelies, headstands, and 360s. He continued to push limits and went on to win many national competitions.

Notable Competitions

1970U.S. Surfing ChampionshipsBoys1st Place: Ty Page
April 26-27, 1975 1st National Bahne-Cadillac Skateboard ChampionshipsJunior men's freestyle

1st Place: Steve Piccoilo
2nd Place: Ty Page
3rd Place: Jay Adams

July 16, 1975 Southern California State ChampionshipsMen's 14 to 17

1st Place: Kelly Mahon
2nd Place: Ty Page
3rd Place: Stacy Peralta

September 13, 1975 International Skateboard Championships 15-and-older high-jump1st Place: Ty Page
1975Santa Barbara Skateboard ChampionshipsJunior men's freestyle

1st Place: Ty Page
2nd Place: Tony Alva
3rd Place: Stacy Peralta / Mike Weed

September 4-5, 1977California Free Former World Professional Skateboard Championships Men's freestyle

1st Place: Bob Mohr
2nd Place: Mike Weed
3rd Place: Ty Page

Ty was always attempting new stunts and going bigger and faster each time. He would make up 4 new tricks per show. He is credited with inventing over 50 new moves. In addition, his own line of skateboards were revolutionary in performance. The Ty Page Professional Skateboards were designed by Ty himself to be different from all other boards. The boards and Ty Page Black Gold wheels were heavily promoted by Blammo Gum and California Free Formers in every major newspaper in the country.

Ty Page Professional SkateboardsSpinn'in Wheels Movie PosterTy Page Professional SkateboardsTy Page Professional SkateboardsSkateboarder Magazine April 1977

Some of Ty Page's Original Tricks

Ty Slide A spread stance/normal shoulder width stance heel-side 180 in a stand-up position.
Ty Hop Today called a "pop shove-it."
DaffyRiding two skateboards with a foot on each, one in a nose wheelie and one in a tail wheelie. Tony Hawk's Underground game series calls this a "Yeah Right Manual."
Head Spinner Today called a "360 headstand".
PayhopCombination of a half-hop and a daffy.